Natural Ways of Getting Rid of Ants

In todays world it seems that everything we want is commercialized. Whether it be buying food, cars, or any other goods. However many people want good natural ways of getting rid of ants. Why you might ask? Well first off commercial ant killers are filled with exceedingly high levels of toxins and poisons. Which is exactly not what you want having laying around in your house especially if you have pets or children. Commercial ant killing supplies are also usually much more expensive than natural wasy of getting rid of ants. Therfore in order to be cost effective and having a human and pet safe ant killer, it is in you best interest to look into the natural and homemade ways of getting rid of ants.

The first such way is to use peppermint. Peppermint is a herb that grows in the ground and creates leaves. The ants are absolutely apalled by the juices that are secreted from the peppermint leaves and the smell. Therefore the first all natural way of getting rid of ants is to get a couple of peppermint leaves. Nest simply shred them up and sprinkle them where ever you want the ants to stay away from. The peppermint will keep an invisible force field and not allow any ants to make it in. This is a great easy and safe way to conduct ant deterrent.

Another natural way of getting rid of ants is to use peppers, preferably dried ones such as chili or red pepper flakes. These also have some sort of chemicals in them that the ants, whether sugar or carpenter just cant stand. Therfore if you have ants in the kitchen simply spread some of these flakes in the food cabinet or around the entire room. This will keep the ants out of your peanutbutter and all the sugar products which they enjoy getting into.

The final natural way of getting rid of ants is to use water that has soap in it. Soap acts as the killing agent in this deadly mixture. A couple minutes after the ants come into contact with this they will keel over and die. And best of all is that there is absolutely no toxins in this mixture making it safe to use around your house even if you have pets or small children. Hopefully using these natural ways of getting rid of ants will help you feel more safe in your own home.