How to Kill Carpenter Ants in the House

When you see carpenter ants in your house it is easy to get overwhelmed and reak out. After all who knows how much damage these nasty pests could have caused already. However the best thing to do is to stay calm and keep a cool head. You are going to need to be able to think when attempting to kill carpenter ants in the house. These nasty creatures are most likely burrowed into your walls eating away to your wood. Unfortunately this is what makes them so hard to locate and kill. Actually determining where there nest is is the hard part in attempting to kill carpenter ants in the house. Once you know where their main nest is it is relatively easy to attack and destory all the carpenter ants inside.

To get rid of carpenter ants in the house you must first gauge how far the ant infestation is along. If this is your first sighting then it is very likely it is not that big of a problem. However, if you have seen multiple ants crawling around in your home then you may be dealing with a bigger problem and need to call in the professional ant killing help, the exterminators.

A simple way to gauge just how many ants are in your house is to set a simple ant trap. Carpenter ants unlike their cousin the sugar ants feast on food that is high in protein and not just sugary stuff. Therefore in this trap you should put meat as it will attract any carpenter ants in the area. Now pour borax all over the meat. Borax acts as a poison to the carpenter ants. The ants will start to pick away at the meat and will inevitably take the borax with them. The borax will slowly kill the ants. This way you can come back to the trap later and see just how many dead ants there are. This will give you a good idea of the stage the infestation is in.

If there are only a couple then you may only be dealing with the passing ants in your house, however if there are many dead carpenter ants you may have to intensify your efforts in killing carpenter ants in the house. This will most likely include purchasing ant poison to attempt to kill all the ants in the nest. Simply spray the areas where you think the carpenter ants live and they will all die when they come into contact with the poison. However if the problem is to great to fix it yourself or you are scared to take on the task of how to kill carpenter ants in your house then you may want to hire a professional exterminator. The exterminator may either use liquid poison or a gas poison and fumigate the carpenter ants out. This is very effective and is almost a garunteed way to kill all the carpenter ants in your house. So dont keep worring and asking how to kill carpenter ants in the house go out and do it yourself.