Homemade Wasp Deterrent

If your deck, patio, or porch is in an area where you have seen wasps before then you are going to want to do all you can in order to prevent them from setting up a nest. Wasps can be very dangerous animals especially to people that are allergic to them. Wasps are not like bees, they will sting their victim multiple times which means if you are allergic to them you will be in contact with a lot of their poison. However, store bought wasp deterrent products are very expensive and sometimes dont do the trick is repelling wasps. So in some cases you may want to attempt to create your own homemade wasp deterrent. Most of these are safe to use and are free of dangerous chemicals found in retail wasp repellent sprays.

Here are some very easy to make homemade wasp deterrent mixtures that work extremely well in keeping the wasps away. Most of the products used in these mixtures are everyday items that you probably have laying around the house.

The first homemade wasp repellent in a mixture of water and liquid dishwashing soap.

Something about the chemicals in the soap makes it deady to wasps and therefore they will stay far away from this easy to make wasp deterrent. All you have to do is mix about 40 ounces of water with a couple table spoons of the dishwashing soap. Now you have a fully functioning mixture ready to get rid of the wasps.

Yet another easy do it yourself wasp deterrent is water mixed with a spicy seasoning. You can use chayenne pepper, chili pepper, or almost any other type of spicy pepper. Simply mix these two ingredients together you the wasps will stay very far away. To make it even more potent to the wasps try adding dish washing soap to this. This mixture will definitely keep any wandering wasps away and is extremely cheap when compared to commercial wasp deterrent.

This next natural homemade wasp deterrent goes along the lines of the pepper ones, and it is to use pepperiment extract in water. THe chemicals in pepperiment make it vile to any wasp and therefore they wont come any where near it. This is great news if you trying to protect your deck or porch. Simply spray this on the edges and you wont have to worry about wasps.

All of the homemade wasp deterrents listed above are liquid based and therefore will require to be reapplied about every week. However if it rains or it somehow gets washed away you will have to apply it after it gets rinsed away for best results in repelling the wasps. Good luck with making your own homemade wasp deterrent.